We Will Always Remember

Principle Michelle

I don’t want to cry today, but I’m sure I will before the end of this post. Our lives are different today as change is inevitable, but you know that’s not what I mean. You remember — just like I do, what changed the way we live in the land of the freeand the home of the brave.

Everything was normal15 years and one day ago. I went to work, picked up my mom, went to the grocery store, and put away the groceries. While she cooked that night, I went to visit a friend around the corner. I hadn’t seen her in a while, so I thought I would check on her since she was due to have a baby soon. While we sat in her living room reliving our college days and watching Bob the Builder with her three year old, her water broke. We giggled…

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The Hand We Are Dealt

Insightful words from a very good friend.

Stupid Optimism


“Dad, I’m Black like you.” A simple statement from my son, spoken nearly a year ago. One born from a child’s perspective on what it means to be Black or White. Sometimes, simple understandings are the truest ones. In this case, it was fortunately not true. He is not Black, like me. I am not Black, though that has never stopped people from treating me like a Black man. I am half Puerto Rican and half(ish) Irish. I belong to no one description or race, no single ethnicity or culture, save for American. My children are even more the modern American, their mother’s heritage is German, and my son resembles the 3/4 white heritage he bears. Unfortunately, his sisters tend to look like me. They are caramel skinned mini-goddesses with dark eyes and dark wavy hair. He is fair-skinned and has the coppery tinted hair of his Germanic and Irish…

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